Khawab Ki Tabeer

Your Dreams and its Interpretations:

A good dream is a blessing. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “There is no element remaining except interpretations or predictions”. The companions said, “Holy Prophet (PBUH)! What are interpretations?” He (PBUH) said, “A True Dream” (Sahih Bukhari)

According to Bukhari and Muslim, the Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “A good dream is the 86th part of prophecy”

It can be known from this Hadith that a true dream is a part of prophecy.

Kinds of Dreams:

There are three types of dreams, according to Imam Muhammad Bin Sereen.

1. Blessings of God
2. Satan Influential Dreams
3. Mentally operated dreams

Satan Influential Dream:

A good dream is always from Allah and a bad dream is always from Satan. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “When anyone sees a bad dream, he or she should pray to God to refrain from Satan and should alternate his or her side while sleeping” Bad dreams such as ejaculation in sleeping is also due to Satan’s influence so that the person may leave the morning prayer due to cleanliness issues. The Holy Prophet (PBUH) said, “One who sees me in his/her dream, he/she has seen me in reality in his/her dream because Satan cannot dare to appear in my shape”

Khwab Ki Tabeer

The knowledge of Interpretation:

The knowledge of interpretation is the knowledge which predicts the decisions of a dream according to some rules and regulations so that true prediction/interpretation may be get and human beings can be saved from wrong interpretation.

Founders of Interpretation Knowledge:

Prophet Joseph is the first person who was blessed with this knowledge from God. He set it in the world.
Allah Says, “O Joseph! Allah will make you a pious person in this way and you will be blessed with dream interpretation knowledge”

Through this verse, Allah promised to bless Joseph with dream interpretation knowledge and fulfilled it eventually. And Joseph thanked Allah by saying, “My Lord! You also blessed me with kingdom and dream interpretation knowledge”

Six Famous people of Dream Interpretation:

1. Imam Danial
2. Imam Jaffar Sadiq
3. Imam Muhammad Bin Sereen
4. Imam Jabir Maghribi
5. Imam Ibrahim
6. Imam Ismail

Essential Fields of Knowledge for Dream Interpretation:

1. Elucidation Knowledge
2. Knowledge of Hadith
3. Knowledge of Proverbs
4. Knowledge of Arabian Poetry
5. Jewellery
6. Knowledge of Ishtiqaq
7. Knowledge of Vocabulary
8. Knowledge of Words

Who are forbidden to be asked the interpretation of dreams:

1. Those who do not believe in Islamic system
2. From Women
3. From uneducated people
4. From eneimies

Allama Kirmani said, “Wise people that uneducated people should not be asked to interpret dreams. People wrongly say that if an educated man will interpret it, it will eventually happen just like the way he said because angel represents dreams and he does not make a mistake and whatever he says is truth. The interpretation will not go wrong if an educated man has said anything about it. There is a great difference between an uneducated and educated person”

The Holy Quran states, “Say it! Is it possible to say educated and uneducated are equal”
The Holy Prophet said, “Scholar and illiterate are not equal”
As angel presents the dream, therefore, no matter good or evil, it will eventually be going to happen.

Dream Interpretation:

Make a call with cleanliness and narrate your full dream. Give your name and your mother’s name along with your city or place, day and date where and when you have seen the dream and ask about interpretation of your dream.

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