Magic and Rohani Ilaj


The History and reality perspective about Magic

Hazrat Allama Sadi said that in the regime of Prophet Suleiman, the agents of Satan used to stay on the sky in order to hear the discussions of angels to get know-how of the information about the future. That is they wanted to get secret information of the future including the time of death of a person and similar things. Then they inform the predictors about the information and their information proved correct with the passage of time. Due to this, the proposition became famous that Jinns have the knowledge of future. Hazrat Suleiman condemned this and announced that whoever claimed that the Jinns have the knowledge of future, he will be beheaded. Hazrat Suleiman dug a hole beneath his chair and put all the books having the knowledge of Jinns about future predictions in it. After the death of Hazrat Suleiman, the Satan appeared with a human face and came to the Bani-Israil and told them about those books while saying them that Suleiman used to rule the world through these books. The people get over those books and started reading them. The lines of those books were magical words and thus the magic started again. After that the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) came and falsified the magic.

The Literal Meaning of Magic:

Allama Zubeidi Hanfi quoted in book while defining the meaning of ‘Jadu’ that fake visualization of something is called magic because the magician really does the same. The things stays there with its originality however, the magician makes it visualize in a different shape deceives the people.

Allama Ibn-e-Manzoor Afriqi said that Magic is a process through which a person gets nearer to the Satan and gets assistance from the Satan in doing a work. Magic is a deception of visualization in which the thing is presented contrary to its originality. Similarly, presenting a healthy person as a diseases person is also magic.

The Meaning of Magic in Shariah:

Hazrat Allama Qazi Bezadi said in his Tafseer Anwar ul Tanzeel that it is a work which the human would unable to do and takes assistance of Satan to accomplish the work. In this regard, the negative intentions of Satan cannot be avoided. This definition makes distinction between Magic and Miracle. Fake magic is also prevalent which not the real magic is; rather it is only the expertise of the person in deceiving the eyes of the people. Allama Tuftazani said that performing and unrealistic task through the help of Satan is ‘Magic’. The magic is learnt from a teacher who has incorporation with falsehood. Magic is realistic and it happens. Our Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) has also become the victim of magic during His life. Surah Ikhlas and Surah Naas were bestowed by ALLAH in order to remove the effects of magic.

The order of magic and Shariah:

Allama Ibn-e-Hamam quoted in Fath ul Qadeer that Magic happens in real and teaching it is ‘Haraam’ (not allowed). Considering it as permissible is Infidelity. Some of our scholars including Imam Malik and Imam Ahmed that learning magic is infidelity and is not allowed in Islam; even the learner of magic should be killed. Hazrat Umer (R.A.), Hazrat Usman (R.A.), Hazrat Abdullah bin Umer (R.A.), Hazrat Jundub (R.A.), Hazrat Habib (R.A.), Hazrat Qais (R.A.) and Hazrat Umer bin Abdul Aziz (R.A.) had ordered in their regime to kill the magician who are not turning from magic. It was described by Hazrat Jundub (R.A.) that the Holy Prophet (Peace be Upon Him) said that the magician should be killed. The Government has the authority to do so. In Pakistan there are many Bengali magicians roaming in the country with liberty and they do a lot of marketing through print media of their profession and are destroying the lives of many people however, the government is doing nothing.

Indications of Magic:

Some of the indications of magic are mentioned below:

1. Quarrelsome and absence of calm at home despite the availability of rich blessings
2. Hindrances in doing businesses
3. Insistence of a disease
4. Huge losses in business
5. Unable to have marriage
6. Feeling pain in different body parts and feeling strange worrisome
7. Hastening of heartbeat
8. No children after marriage
9. Leaving the job
10. Sleeplessness
11. Unfavorable outcomes

And Similar other problems whose solutions we have

(i) Buy one Quran from the market and place it as a gift in an Islamic educational institute (Madrasah). Recite Surah Fatiha 70 times after Asar Prayer and first 7 verses of Surah Bani-Israel 17 times with Surah Naas 70 times accompanied with Darood Sharif 11 times before and after reciting all the Surahs.
(ii) Recite 33 times Surah Fatiha after every prayer accompanied with Darood Sharif 11 times before and after reciting all the Surahs.
(iii) Recite ‘Ya-wadood’ or ‘Ya-Azeem 533 times. Say Bismillah before every bath.

Note: Repeat the above proceedings for atleast 40 days and do not forget to gift Quran to the Madrassah. For further queries and assistance please contact us.

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